Contact Your Legislators TODAY!

Contact your legislator to urge Lt. Governor Randy McNally and Speaker Beth Harwell to DEMAND A SPECIAL SESSION to override Governor Haslam’s veto on the Proton Therapy Bill!

Your legislator must petition for a special session to be called by Lt. Governor McNally and Speaker Harwell in order to override Governor Haslam’s veto on SB367/HB523 for expanded Proton Therapy coverage on the state health plan. This is not a mandate for treatment – this is mandate for patient choice at no additional cost to the state, insurers, or the patient. The Governor vetoed this bill after overwhelming approval from the full House and full Senate. “We the people have spoken!”


You have two state legislators: A Senator and a Representative that represent the district where you live.

The Tennessee Cancer Patient Coalition needs your help! Our State Senators and State Representatives listen to both lobbyists and the people who live and vote in their district. The insurance lobbyists are working against our bills. They are in Nashville constantly to sell their point-of-view to our legislators. We need more than balance, and we need overwhelming vote support in order to win.

Below are some ways you can help:

  • Email your State Senator and State Representative
  • Call your State Senator and State Representative
  • Write a letter to your State Senator and State Representative
  • Meet with your State Senator and State Representative in-person, either in your district or in Nashville
  • Attend a Committee hearing on the proton bills in Nashville
  • Testify at a Committee hearing in Nashville if called upon to do so

Helpful guidelines when contacting your legislators:


Be respectful:

  • When writing an email or letter, start with the greeting, Dear State Senator [insert last name here] OR Dear State Representative [insert last name here].
  • When calling by phone or meeting in-person, call them by Senator [insert last name here] OR Representative [insert last name here].

Be polite:

  • Use proper language and etiquette when sharing your story and viewpoint.

Be concise:

  • Reference the specific bill title and number.
  • Cite one or two reasons they should support the bill. (If you have proton therapy experience, absolutely mention it.)
  • Thank them for considering your viewpoint.

Exception to being short: If you have been denied proton therapy treatment by insurance, tell your complete story.   

Be complete:

Provide your name, address, and phone number. Your communication will be more impactful with this information, as your legislators will be able to see that they represent you. Your focus will be on the one Senator and one Representative for the district where you live.