TN House and Senate Bills

The bills below are separate. Each one will be judged on its own merits. A sponsor is required for both the House and the Senate. The House version and the Senate version are identical. Other co-sponsors may sign on as supporters of the bills over time.

You can view each bill in more detail by clicking on the bill name below.

The State is restricting your access to cancer treatment. SB367/HB523 seeks to change this. Show your support and contact your representatives today!

Senate Bill 0367

Mark Green

House Bill 0523

Bob Ramsey

As introduced, requires health insurance coverage to cover hypofractionated proton therapy in the same manner as it covers intensity modulated radiation therapy under certain conditions.

In this bill, the Benefits Administration indicated they would be adding proton therapy to their health plan for all Medicare indication and now they are not. View page 3 in the document found below.

Watch video of Testimony on SB 0367

TN Department of Finance and Administration

Representatives from Provision CARES Proton Therapy – Knoxville

Senate Bill 0758

Ryan Williams

House Bill 0899

Mark Pody

No health benefit plan that provides coverage for cancer therapy shall hold proton radiation therapy to a higher standard of clinical evidence for medical policy benefit coverage decisions than the health plan requires for coverage of any other radiation therapy treatment.

Senate Bill 0922

Bill Ketron

House Bill 1059

William Lamberth

As introduced, prohibits an insurance policy that provides benefits for anti-cancer medications that are injected or intravenously administered by a healthcare provider and anti-cancer medications that are patient administered from requiring a higher copayment, deductible, or coinsurance amount for the patient administered anti-cancer medication than for the injected or intravenously administered anti-cancer medication.